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“Oh, you start to sway, check your Cartier...

...‘Cause it’s getting late, you can’t afford to wait.”

In the coming two weeks, the light that shines on Cartier paints a trace of happiness on the streets. The rays of morning light that shine will paint a smile across your face, well, at least they do on ours. And as you’ve wished and hoped - this time you can seem to get it.

Let's move along where it’s going on. A beautiful watch. Explains, with contemporary grace, the greatness and diversity of what Louis-François Cartier founded in 1847. A piece that's meant to be worn for a lifetime and then passed down.

Cartier is by tradition the first choice for jewellery and accessories of celebrities, royals, and individuals with flavour. From early in the morning to the sweet, sweet night - enjoy ELO in your ears and Cartier around your wrists.

Find the watch here at Prêtsells. You can’t afford to wait, or it might get too late…

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