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Boston Made

The 550 is a basketball shoe that was first introduced in 1989. The 550 was produced by Boston-based New Balance, which was already an established brand in the athletic footwear market. It was designed with the needs of serious ballers in mind and had a brief success shortly after the release, until falling into deep obscurity for decades.

In recent years, the 550 has become popular among sneaker enthusiasts and Teddy Santis is the reason why. He is the founder and creative director of NYC based brand Aimé Leon Dore. In 2018, ALD released the first reissue of the model since 1989 in the "International Friendship Through Basketball" collection. The collection made a great impact and incorporated new life to the model.

The latest collab between New Balance and Aimé Leon Dore is a now live at Prêtsells. Whether you're into basketball or sneakers, the P550 is a must-have for your collection.

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