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Goods for Good

Our Mission

Pretsells' mission is to encourage buying and selling second-hand products. 

By providing people with an incentive to buy and sell their used goods, we increase the number of goods being reused, while at the same time, changing the status-quo for second-hand and vintage.

Making clothing available for everyone in partnership with Clothing Collective

Clothing Collective is a British Non-Profit organisation with a mission to help the homeless and other vulnerable people in our society who struggle to clothe themselves. By partnering with charities such as food banks and shelters who distribute Clothing Collective gift cards and with charity shops who accept them, they can be exchanged by the most vulnerable in our society for warm clean clothes, whilst at the same time restoring some dignity in the process. It’s a win-win scenario: those in need get access to clothing in a humane way, their ‘gift card distributing partners’ can support their beneficiaries in an extra way, and their ‘charity shop partners’ are able to turn around more stock from their shops, generating additional revenue for their own charity good cause. Read More

Clothing Colletive

Each entry makes a difference

From every transaction made on Pretsells, 10% goes directly to our partnering charity. It's a win-win situation. You contribute to a good cause, all while having the chance and thrill of winning something you've longed for.

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